-DR. ROB McNEILLY, director of the Center for Effective Therapy, Tasmania, www.cet.net.au

“Paul’s work is absolutely fascinating, mind blowing, eye opening, and wonderful!”

– HILLARY KEENEY, PhD & BRADFORD KEENEY, PhD, Internationally renowned healers, scholar-practitioners, authors, and teachers of creative transformation. www.keeneyinstitute.org

“We celebrate Paul J. Leslie’s inspiring and down-to-earth contribution to fostering a resource-focused approach to helping people transform.”

-RICHARD HILL, President of the Global Association of Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies and Director of the Mind Science Institute, Sydney Australia. www.curiosityapproach.com

“Paul J Leslie has impressed me over the years with his clear and sensitive understanding of the application of indirect, client resource focused methods for creating beneficial change. The importance of the “person” and the establishment of “relationship” …

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