If you are a member of the mental and emotional healing professions (psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, coach, etc.), I offer consultation and support in helping you find more meaning and creativity in your craft. 

If you are someone who wants access to more mystery and magic in their life, I offer coaching based on my decades of developing creative methods for therapeutic change, research on a variety of indigenous healing traditions, and the exploration of cutting edge transformational processes.  

My work is rooted in creativity and spontaneity. I truly believe that people already have all the resources they need to grow and transcend their problems. My job is to help my clients access those inner resources. Years ago, I made a conscious decision to move beyond the prevalent rigid, standardized ways of performing psychotherapy.  I wanted to work in a way that honored the inherent creativity of both therapist and client. I had a desire to be free of overly structured interactions so I could focus on healing as an alive, transformative process rather than just as a method to alleviate unpleasant symptoms. One day I realized that real healing doesn’t just fix people and then return them to where and who they used to be; real healing raises them up to new levels of awareness and well-being. From that point on I did not look back. I have now come to the understanding that life is not a problem to be solved, but rather a dynamic magical experience to be lived.

Today, I seldom use the same approach twice as I have found that each person is a unique individual and need not be put in any set, unvarying way of working. My emphasis is on exploring the potential each person brings to the world. I place my attention on co-creating positive interactions with my clients. Research (and my own experience) has repeatedly shown that the interactive relationship is where healing begins, not theories or regimented techniques.

I want my clients to experience more than simply solving their problems, I want them to live transformed and magical lives. I view consulting and coaching as a process of discovery that engages and challenges all parties to become open to the mystery of life with all of its inevitable trials and tribulations.

Making the jump from habitual ways of interacting with the world to cultivating a more spontaneous and alive approach to the dance of life sometimes requires a profound shake up. I am here to assist my clients to shake things up with open, non-judgmental dialogue, intuitive wisdom, and time-tested practical skills (along with a good dose of humor).

Sessions are $150 per hour and are conducted over Zoom or telephone.

To book a session, fill out the form on the contact page and I will get back to you.