Workshops and Training

with Paul Leslie

Workshop Schedule

May 10, 2017
“Unlimited Resources: Simple and Easy Ways to Find, Access, and Utilize Client Resources (Even In Difficult Cases)”

Licensed Professional Counselors of Georgia Regional Conference
Savannah, Georgia

December 2017
Evolution of Psychotherapy

Anaheim, California

February 22 – 23, 2018
South Carolina Counseling Association Conference

Pre-conference Workshops:
“Unlimited Resources: Simple and Easy Ways to Find, Access, and Utilize Client Resources”
“The Art of Creating a Magical Session”
Keynote address:
“Potential Not Pathology: Recognizing Strength and Resiliency in Our Clients”

Workshop Descriptions

Potential Not Pathology

A 3 day Intensive training for mental health professionals who are interested in learning and applying the concepts and techniques of Ericksonian Hypnosis and Resource-Directed Therapy. Pragmatic instruction on hypnotic language, pattern alterations, utilization tactics, and metaphor/stories that heal are covered.

Trance for Therapists

A 3 day intensive training for mental health professionals who would like to learn to incorporate hypnosis into their clinical practice. This workshop is for therapists who are interested in the mind-body healing paradigm and want to learn effective trance work without excessive jargon or confusing explanations.

The Triangle of Wellness

A 1 day training for the general public blending wisdom teachings from the East with practical psychology of the West to learn to cultivate emotional stability, open up to creativity and embrace inner vitality and optimism. The recursive flow of thought, emotion and action is explored as the gateway to personal growth.

Five Elements to Life Mastery

A unique 2 day program for the general public focusing on practical applications of the esoteric concepts of the Five Elements from both Eastern and Western wisdom traditions. Drawing from such diverse areas as Buddhism, Taoism, Freud, Maslow and the latest finding in neurobiology, this training uses the Five Elements as a developmental tool for personal growth and self-actualization.

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