February 21, 2020
South Carolina Counseling Association Conference – Hilton Head, South Carolina

Psycho-Symbolic Healing: Using Therapeutic Rituals to Generate Change
Therapeutic Alchemy: Concepts for Generating Transformational Sessions

December 2020

The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference – Anaheim, CA


Interviews with Paul J. Leslie

New Thinking Allowed with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove

Shrink Rap Radio – The Conditions for Transformational Therapy

The Science of Psychotherapy Podcast

Noel Bell’s Psychotherapy UK

Inner Voice Show – KMET 1640 ABC Radio

UK Health Radio with Catherine Carrigan

Mindscience TV interview with Richard Hill

Center for Effective Therapy Interview with Rob McNeilly

The Coleyology Podcast with Nicole Lemaster

Low Country Shamanism interview with Behind the Paranormal